The Legal Stuff

(15th April 1998)

"100% Melanie C" is an UNOFFICIAL site, and has been created entirely by Chris Coulson. No-one from Virgin Records, 19 Management (remember them ;-), or any other Spice Girls related individual/group, have been involved in the development of this site. Bit of a shame really, an inside contact would be kinda useful...

All the information contained within this site has been obtained from public sources, and therefore cannot be considered completely accurate. Copyright on all still images, video sequences, audio clips and article text remains with the respective holders.
All HTML, JavaScript, and original text/graphics material is Copyright 1996, 1997, 1998 Chris Coulson.

If anyone legally entitled to complain wishes to do so, then email me and I'll alter the site to suit your requirements. Just ask nicely, don't do an Oasis, and we'll all get along just fine.

Anyone wishing to use original material from this site on their own MUST contact me first. So far, no-one who's asked me for permission to use stuff has been turned down, but that doesn't mean you can take without bothering to ask. I've already found several sites that have done just this, and if I find many more, I may have to be less generous in allowing usage of my material.
So please, for everyone's sakes, ASK FIRST! It's not hard, you just load your email utility and send me an email. How hard can that be? Here's a clue, it's just as easy as copying stuff off this site - and plenty of you seem quite capable of doing that...


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