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The Band: Arden Hart

Last update: 4th March 2005

Name: Arden Hart
Band role: Keyboards/wearer of funky T-Shirts
Time in the band: 1999-2001,2004-present
Other work:
Date unknown: Trumpet for Cathi Ogden
1996: Trumpet for The Chang's "Acton" album, Keyboards for the James Taylor Quartet's "Scored 1-0" album
1997: Keyboards, Organ, Bass, Piano and Trumpet for Brian Tarquin's "Last Kiss Goodbye" album
1998: Piano and trumpet for Mike Stevens' "Joy" album, Keyboards for Five's "Five" album, Trumpet for Duncan Miller's "Comin Thru" album
1999: Keyboards, percussion and backing vocals for Nik Kershaw's "15 Minutes" album
2001: Trumpet for Duncan Millar's "Good To Go" album
2002: Keyboards/guitar for Appleton's promo appearances

Also worked with: Chaka Khan, Take That, Deni Hines, Incognito, Carleen Anderson, Brand New Heavies, Pasedenas, Gwen McRae, James Mason, Massive Attack...

Noted as being one of the UK's finest players of the Fender Rhodes electric piano, Arden was one of the original members of Melanie's band when she embarked on her solo career. Replaced by sexy Sarah prior to the Reason tour, he has since returned to the band, performing at the one-off Islington gig and more recently appearing in the video for Next Best Superstar.

Session musician for hire at WorldNet Studios...

Arden 1 Arden 2 Arden in the Appletons Band Arden and Kim in the Appletons Band Arden back in the band...

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