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The Band: Fergus Gerrand

Last update: 4th March 2005

Name: Fergus Gerrand
Band role: Drums/percussion/music director/remix supremo
Time in the band: 1999-2004
Other work:
1992: Percussion for Zainalabidin's Japanese tour
1993: Percussion for Duran Duran's MTV Unplugged performance
1997: Drums for Invisible's "Scream" single
1998: Drums/percussion for Madonna's "Ray of Light" album
1998-1999: Percussion for Spice Girls
1999-2000: Keyboard/piano/guitar for Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells live performances
2001: Percussion for Rialto's "Night on Earth" album
2002: Percussion for Hank Marvin's farewell tour, Drums for Appleton's promo performances

Fergus has a long working career with Melanie, as he was also part of the Spice Girls live band, and now acts as her musical director as well as playing drums/percussion. His work outside the world of Spice/Melanie is considerable, though often unnoticed, as his long friendship with William Orbit has resulted in much work coming his way. Note also his work with Mike Oldfield, then check out Claire's info page again :-) Also note his work with Hank Marvin this year - anyone remember Melanie's appearance on Question of Pop, and who one of her teammates was? Then, whilst checking out who else was in the Duran Duran MTV Unplugged band, you notice the name Andy Gangadeen - who he also worked with for the Spice Girls. The music world sometimes feels like a very small place...
Fergus was responsible for the first Liverpool cancellation after his sudden illness on the morning of the concert. But I can't hold that against him, because he's also responsible for the stunning dance remix of Feel The Sun.
Unbelievable as it may seem, Fergus and Melanie finally went their separate ways in 2004, thus ending a long parnership and leaving Paul as the sole remaining link to Melanie's Spice Girls past.

Fergus at the Astoria, 1999 Fergus at the Astoria, 1999 Fergus in the Appletons Band Fergus in the Appletons Band Fergus at Shepherds Bush, 2003 Fergus at Ascot, 2003

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