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The Band: Midus Guerreiro

Last update: 6th June 2003

Name: Midus Guerreiro
Band role: Bass guitar
Time in the band: 1999
Other work:
1998-1999: Bass guitarist for Anne Clark
2003: Bass guitarist for Kym Marsh and Jay Smith

The original tour bass guitarist, Midus was a familiar sight during the first tour and all the promotional work for the Northern Star album and single releases. Replaced for the second tour by Beth, some people still rate her as the best bass player Melanie has worked with so far (and at the rate she seems to go through them, there's an ever increasing amount of competition!).

Midus 1 Midus 2 Midus 4 Midus 3 Midus and Kym at PITP 2003 Midus and Kym at PITP 2003

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