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The Band: Paul Gendler

Last update: 4th March 2005

Name: Paul Gendler
Band role: Guitars
Time in the band: 1999-present
Other work:
1981-1982: Guitarist in Modern Romance
1995: Credited on Mira's "New Hope For The Dead" album
1998-1999: Guitars for Spice Girls
2001: Co-writer for Atomic Kitten's "You Are" track
2002: Electric guitar for Abra Moore's "No Fear" album

Album/session musician for S Club 7, Lolly, Boyzone, Roachford, Eagle Eye Cherry, Dust Junkies, Westlife, Damage, East 17, Mariah Carey, Aaron Carter, Alda, Ronan Keating, a1, Emma Bunton, O-Town, Gary Barlow...
Tour musician for East 17, Bros, Level 42, composes music for TV shows...

Managed by Bucks Music Group
Associate at Rose & Foster

Paul, like Fergus, was also part of the Spice Girls live band, and as such has worked with Melanie for her entire live career. His work besides Spice/Melanie is varied and very very extensive - see above! Paul also appears to have discovered the secret to age-reversal, given that he seems to get younger looking with every new tour. Or maybe it's just one of the benefits of hanging around with Melanie for so many years, who knows :-)

Paul 1 Paul 2 Paul 3 Paul and Grog at Shepherds Bush, 2003 Paul and Grog at Shepherds Bush, 2003 Paul at Ascot, 2003 Paul at Ascot, 2003 Paul at Ascot, 2003 Paul during the BI/NBS promo tour Paul during the BI/NBS promo tour

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