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The Band: Sarah de Courcy-Aston

Last update: 4th March 2005

Name: Sarah de Courcy-Aston
Band role: Keyboards/backing vocals
Time in the band: 2003-2004
Other work:
2000: Keyboards for Snuff's Bizarre Festival performance
2004: Solo performances

Replacing the funky t-shirt wearing Arden for the Reason tour, pretty much all of us fell in love with the oh so lovely, oh so gorgeous, oh so talented, oh so Cindy Crawford look-a-likee, Sarah. Quickly picking up the nickname "Sexy Sarah", she became a crowd favourite, adding her name to the list of other band members we've all gone well and truly ga-ga over - Melanie sure knows how to pick 'em! Sadly for all of us, Sarah left the band in 2004, with her place behind the keyboard once again filled by Arden.

Sarah has her own website - give it a look

Sarah 6 Sarah 2 Sarah 1 Sarah 3 Sarah 4 Sarah 5 Sarah at Shepherds Bush, 2003 Sarah at Ascot, 2003 Sarah at Ascot, 2003

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