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A new note from the webmaster...

Last update: 5th March 2002
Well, another 2-n-a-bit months have gone by since the last note, and
there's still nothing new happening here.  At least, not anything
that's visible...  It's taken me a while to drum up the enthusiasm
to get started on the upgrade, and even longer to figure out where to
begin!  But at long last I HAVE now started on what will, at some
point this year (he says, hopefully not too optimistically :-) become
the sleek new 100% Melanie C.

So, this is just to let you all know (at least, those of you who
still care...  though there's more of you out there than I realised -
more on that in a moment) that I'm still around, I haven't died, I'm
still as interested in Melanie as I always have been, and I still
want to keep working on this site.  I still can't make any guarantees
as to when you'll see anything new, I won't even make any wild
guesses because the simple truth is that I don't know how long it'll
take before anything will be ready.  Just think of this as the
Grolsch of Melanie C sites, I'll only let you see it when it's ready!

(Anyone who hasn't seen a Grolsch beer advert will now be wondering
WTF I'm talking about.  Some people who HAVE seen a Grolsch beer
advert may also be wondering the same.  Meanwhile I'm just wondering
if I've spelt Grolsch correctly ;-)

Anyway, back to the point earlier about there being a lot of you out
there who seem to care about this site.  Since I posted the original
"Note from the Webmaster" at the end of December, I've been quite
surprised at the number of people who've written to me or have left
comments in Melanie C forums.  I guess the site has been going so
long I've forgotten just how much it meant to people when it first
appeared - the only place on the net Melanie C fans had to call
their own...  But whilst that accounts for the comments from people
who've been here right from the start, it says a lot about the
online Melanie C community that I've had just as many comments from
people relatively new to the site, who've become fans not because
it was the only place for them to visit, but because out of the
hundreds (if not thousands) of Melanie C sites now resident on the
net, this is one they kept coming back to.

So first of all I'd like to say THANK YOU to those "newbies" for
making me realise that the visitor numbers aren't just made up from
all the old-timers who've been visiting so long it's become part of
their daily net routine.  Knowing that newcomers to the Melanie C
net community can find the site worthy of their time gives me even
more encouragement to get my lazy arse in gear and make some
progress on the updates!

Secondly, and more importantly, I want to offer my heartfelt thanks
to everyone, old and new, who wrote with words of support and
encouragement.  I can't really put into words what it's meant to me,
you've helped me up when I was down and I truly appreciate it.  A
mere thank you doesn't even begin to suffice, I wish I could give
each of you a big *hug*...

...and if any of you are desperate for a hug from a big hairy
monster, and you find yourself in London with nothing else to do, get
in touch and we can arrange to meet up ;-)

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