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Last update: 20th April 2002
Following on from the reopening of the Picture Galleries last time, I'm
pleased to bring you the first batch of classic pics from the original
site.  There's a fair bit of work involved in wrapping them in shiny new
HTML, so this first selection only represents 1/5th of the total, but it's
a start!  And since it's also just over 300 pics, it's a reminder (if any
were needed) just how many pics were on the original site...

However, this wasn't quite what I had planned for this upgrade.  I was
hoping to upload some more new audio and video clips, but my ADSL line went
down yesterday lunchtime so I'm waiting for that to recover (just as soon
as the exchange tech gives the DSLAM a hefty thump ;-) before I start
adding any more big files.  So, while I wait to get my hands on high
speed access yet again, you'll just have to be content with this
alternative upgrade...  which, since it consists of a selection of photos
of Melanie through the years, ought to put any Melanie fan into a state of
supreme contentment!

(Meanwhile, that last sentence puts me in a state of wondering how many
more times I could have used the word "of" :-)

Anyway, that's it for this update.  I have a feeling the next one will,
at the very least, include more of the same (with another 1300 pics to
transfer from the old site, there's enough work for a few months of
updates!), and hopefully my ADSL line will be purring again so I can get
on with adding new stuff.

Oh yeah, one last thing...  HIYA ASTRO!

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