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The long golden weekend of updates, part 1...

Last update: 2nd June 2002
God save the Queen!  Yep, thanks to Her Majesty celebrating 50 years on the
throne this year, we've got a 4 day weekend, and that means I've got plenty of
time to work on updating the site.  I'd have even more time if it weren't for
a certain sporting event taking place in Asia, but I figure 4 days ought to
be enough time to finish this update *and* watch all the footy :-)
At the moment I've just completed all the classic gallery updates, which means
you've now got direct access to every single picture ever uploaded to the
site, past or present, and I'm about to make a start on the info centre...

Don't expect this update frenzy to last long though, my next two weekends are
definitely off limits as far as webwork goes, and I couldn't be happier!  Not
that being unable to work on the site makes me happy as such, but the specific
reason why these two weekends aren't available definitely does make me happy.
Hint, it has something to do with spending time with someone I haven't seen in
almost 2 and a half years, someone I love and care about more than anyone else
I've ever known, someone whos continued presence in my life makes me wonder
what I did to get so lucky.  I think, under these circumstances, you ought to
be able to understand why updating the site won't be high on my list of
priorities for a while :-)

And on the subject of being lucky to meet certain people...

...hiya Dee!!!

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