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What a difference a year makes...

Last update: 1st January 2003
Well, here we are, a year and a day after the original "note" was posted,
and how things have changed...  Looking at the site now, it's hard to
imagine that there was a time when I seriously thought I'd never get the
new look finished, although any of my fellow webmeisters out there might
have slightly less difficulty in believing it - until you've worked on a
website of your own, you really aren't able to appreciate the amount of
work that goes into the damn things!

However, that's not the real reason I have for writing this note.  I
touched on it in the last note, and since the original note spent some time
on the same subject (though looking at it from the other direction), it
seems appropriate to expand on it further here, one year on...

It might be hard for me to imagine there were problems with the site
redesign, but such imagination difficulties are nothing compared to the
mental energies that were, until not so very long ago, required for me to
ever imagine I might one day find myself leaving the lonely singleton
lifestyle behind.  There I was, with a lifetime of rejections behind me,
and not even the faintest glimmer of hope that things might be changing for
the better.  And in a further example of just how damaging the tabloid
media can be, my attempts at being optimistic weren't aided by having read
countless comments about how women aren't attracted to men with, e.g., lots
of body hair (no prizes for guessing that I'm a bit of a furball...).  So
what if it isn't true, it's what the media is printing, and when there's
never been anyone to tell me differently, sooner or later it's what I'm
going to start to believe.  Tabloids have a LOT to answer for...

Anyway, there I was, picking my way through 2002 as best as I could, when
completely from out of the blue (and those of you who know the full story
will understand just how out of the blue it was!), someone brought light
and happiness into my life.  That was in early October, and nearly 3
months later my life continues to be lighter and happier than ever before.
Truly, I could never have imagined, never have dared to hope, that 2002
would end up as well as it has, given the way I felt at its beginning.  But
at long last, I finally know what it feels like to be in love with
someone and have that love returned in equal measure.  Every moment we
spend together is as memorable as all that have gone before, I still feel
all excited at the thought of seeing her again, and for perhaps the first
time ever, my life feels complete.  I've found that special someone, and
so I sit here at the start of a new year looking forward to the months
ahead, imagining all the times we'll be together, all the things we'll get
up to, all those magical moments in life we'll be able to share.

And if that weren't enough to make 2003 a Happy New Year, there's also the
return of Melanie to the music scene...  Oh yes, I think 2003 is going to be
a VERY good year - come back in 12 months time to see if I was right ;-)

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