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Bandwidth, bandwidth, bandwidth...

Last update: 4th April 2003
Apologies once again for the lack of updates recently...  but at least
there's a good reason for this - a lot of my spare time is now being taken
up by a certain person quite a few of you (at least, if you're a Denden
regular :-) know quite well - the very very lovely Dee (or :dee: if you're
one of those Denden'ers!).

As Melanie put it in a recent-ish interview:

"When you meet the right person I think you just know.  It was like that
with Tom.  It wasn't love at first sight because we were friends first, but
he grew on me, which I think is the best way for it to happen.

It's a little scary because this is my first proper relationship.  But it's
going great and we get on very, very well.  We're very relaxed in each
others company, not at all self-conscious, which is great, because it means
we can just be ourselves.  It's funny because once you get to that stage
you can't remember what it was like before."

Yeah, I know exactly how she feels...  and it's the BEST feeling in the

Anyway, besides the personal reasons for not doing much work on the site
these last few months, there's also been one very big technical reason...
As usual, the number 1 annoyance of pretty much every webmaster raised its
ugly head once more - bandwidth.  Or, to be more precise, a lack of it.

Regular visitors may have noticed that about a month and a half ago I had to
disable the video section, to keep the bandwidth levels down (and this is on
a server with a 1GB/day allowance... yikes!).  Well, those same visitors
may also have noticed that the video section is now back online, thanks to
the addition of a second server dedicated to hosting the audio and video
section of the site.  With a 1.5GB/day allowance on this new server, plus the
existing 1GB/day allowance of the original server, I'm hoping that I won't
have any more problems for a while...

...and if any of you have been looking at that Paypal button on the main page
wondering whether or not to donate anything, PLEASE consider doing so.
Whilst bandwidth has been getting cheaper (there's NO way I'd have been able
to afford 2.5GB/day otherwise), it's still not *cheap*.  Every time you
listen to a MP3, watch a video, browse the photo galleries, or even just have
a quick nose through the info section, consider how much this site is worth
to you.  If you're a long-time visitor, consider how much enjoyment you've
had from the site over the months and years you've been dropping in.  Then
take another look at the button and see if you're any more tempted to click
on it...  Thank you.

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