Notes for the Media

(10th October 1999)

If you're about to mention this site in any way - in print (newspaper, magazine, leaflet, flyer, note scribbled on the back of a bus ticket :-), on a TV or radio programme, in an online article, or whatever - I'd appreciate being told about it, so I can take a look for myself (assuming whatever it is is available here!)
I know of numerous (i.e. too many to recall :-) when this site has been mentioned, but in none of these cases did anyone working on the programme/magazine/website bother to tell me. With online mentions it isn't too hard to find out - referrer logs are pretty handy at pointing out new sources of visitors. But the printed and broadcast media is a different matter, I can't keep an eye on everything that's released. Not in the UK, and certainly not around the world. So as far as I know, those mentions I know about may just be the tip of the iceberg...

Please, all I ask is a quick email. Doesn't take long, doesn't cost much (if anything), and (for magazine/newspaper-type mentions) you might even get an extra sale out of it :-)

On the other hand, if you aren't working on an article, but you do know about one which isn't already listed on the "In the Media" page, then let me know.



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